Sunday, January 8, 2012

DIY Coasters

This Christmas, my goal was to make a lot of DIY presents. Well, that didn't really work out like I had hoped, but with the help of my hubby, we did come up with one crafty present. Of course, I found this idea from Pinterest.

Homemade Coasters-What You'll Need:

-4x4 smooth or rough surfaced tile. We found these for .16 at Home Depot. Buy as many as you'll need for your project

-Waterbase sealer (I used Mod Podge-Gloss)

-Clear Acrylic Sealer (I used Mod Podge-Matte)


-Sponge Brush

-Felt, foam, or cork backing (I used foam)


-Cocktail napkins, scrapbook paper, or greeting cards (we used greeting cards)

What to Do

-take whatever design you are using and cut it to fit your tile. We used a Christmas greeting card from Dollar Tree. A 16 pack guessed it...$1!

-Mod Podge your surface. Quickly place your design on the tile. You only have just a bit to place it how you want it.

-Smooth it out to remove any bubbles

-Mod Podge over your design

-Let dry for 15-20 min

-Spray your acrylic spray over the dried tiles. We did two coats

-Mod podge or superglue your backing to the back of the tile.

-Enjoy for yourself or give as a gift!

We gave these as gifts to both of our parents and they were a hit! I think that greeting cards or scrapbook paper would work best. We first tried cocktail napkins, but found that they were too thin and we didn't care for the look of it. You could also use felt dots or cork for the backing. Next time, we will probably use felt dots.

You could do this for any season or holiday, not just Christmas! These would make terrific gifts or something to just have around your own house. I plan to do collegiate coasters soon.

Total Cost of Project: $19.48 (your cost may vary)
Total Cost Per Tile: $1.21
We found the greeting cards (pack of 16), foam backing (pack of 20), and foam brushes (pack of 4) all at Dollar Tree. The tiles were found at Home Depot for .16. The Mod Podge sealer and acrylic spray were found at Walmart for around $7. Your costs may vary depending on where you live.

Happy Crafting!


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